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Mr. Per Westling serves as the Managing Director of Stena RoRo AB since 2011.

He has been employed by Stena since 1985. In addition to a M.Sc. degree in Naval Architecture from Chalmers Technical University of Gothenburg, Mr. Westling is trained as an Engineer within the Royal Swedish Navy.

Within Stena Group he has been Project Manager for several newbuilds and major conversion projects but also served for five years within the Stena Line Ship Management division. In 2001 he moved to Stena RoRo as a Conversion Manager and took on the role of the Deputy Managing Director in 2008 and subsequently the Managing Director in 2011.

Per Westling is passionate about naval architecture.

Per Westling is one of the Inspiring Speakers at the IntelligenceHunt6 Finals, January 22, 2020 in Turku. His topic is “Roro and RoPax Newbuilds - Where, What, with Whom and How?”

Stena Line and Stena RoRo has participated the IntelligenceHunt Student and Company Competion earlier as a Case Company.

Stena RoRo is one of the leading innovators of the roll on/roll off cargo and passenger concepts. Our products include vessels such as RoRos and RoPaxes.​ ​The company charters out a number of vessels to first-class operators all over the world and the clients are found both within and outside of the Stena Sphere. Stena RoRo is highly skilled and experienced in designing and converting vessels, combined with a unique knowledge of the market, to create tailor-made solutions for their demanding customers. This is called Stenability.

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