SCM our way ! SCM and Beauty – Swedish Cosmetics Brand Joins the #IntelligenceHunt4

Many of us remember Yvonne Ryding, Miss Universe 1984. She was crowned the title based on her natural beauty. Yvonne Ryding's beauty became a fascination. Her skin became a benchmark. Yvonne Ryding is today managing her own cosmetics brand. YR is a Swedish brand with its roots deeply anchored in Swedish soil and nature. 


YR Skin Care Line is high quality skin care products based on the beauty of the nature, using only natural ingredients. Most of them can be found on a hike in the forest, fields or mountains. The products have been developed by Yvonne Ryding together with Swedish laboratories and manufacturers.

Yvonne Ryding is a great success story of how one career can lead to another, how positive thinking makes a problem an opportunity. A good product needs product development, continuous research, commercial and marketing understandings and following up the trends. And customer satisfaction and reach can be improved by functional and well managed outsourced supply chain, i.e. customer deliveries in time.

Yvonne Ryding says, "Up here in the North, we are blessed with clean air and clean water, as well as healthy and naturally well preserved environment around the corner. I want to pass the knowledge of developing the recipes and products suitable to various of skins, onto my daughters and onto as many women as possible. I just haven't figured out a way to reach out to every woman on the the planet yet. But we are working on it for sure...".

By joining the #IntelligenceHunt4 Yvonne Ryding is aiming to figure out how to reach young generation in addition to the successful reach of the mature generation,  and considering the challenges and opportunities of expanding the YR products to the very lucrative Russian beauty market. 

#IntelligenceHunt4 aims to have an emphasis of utilising the traditionally understood SCM in the way it should be emphasized: how to grow, expand the business to new regions and how to increase the margins by intelligent supply chain management. SCM our way - Shipping and Customers' Margins. 

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