SeaFocus Introduces New Players to the Industry

One aim of the SeaFocus Executive Maritime Business Platform is to introduce new potential players and suppliers to the industry.

Our Concept of Developing Partner offers a great opportunity to start-ups and SM Companies to present their services and products wider within the shipping and maritime indusrty.

Companies can apply for a Status of a Developing Partner by filling in an application on our site > Application form. Annually this status is given maximum to five companies and it is valid for one year.

Developing companies

  • Are companies with strong technological or innovative concept serving the Maritime and Marine Industry.

  • Have office, operations, sourcing and production in the Baltic Sea Region.

  • Have limited financial capabilities, but a business concept with growth expectations and trusted references.

  • Search for mentors or board members, which could be found from our platform.

  • Need marketing and brand imaging support and global visibility.

DELTA CYGNI LABS: MARITIME BUSINESS CONTINUITY has been accepted as a Developing Partner

Delta Cygni Labs (founded in 2013, Finland) is the provider of POINTR, an industrial remote collaboration solution. POINTR is developed in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and it is the only remote collaboration solution built for mission critical communication. As a sea ready solution with industry grade security POINTR enables live video collaboration through satellite connection in off-shore conditions. POINTR is the most secure and reliable solution for technical collaboration on- and off-shore.

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