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“Did you know that the Daphnia water flea, less than 1 mm in size, has a huge significance in the ecosystem and food chain of a lake? These fleas are able to filter the entire water of a lake every 3 to 4 days. This makes them very efficient at eating algae that is harmful to the health of people swimming, or fishing by the lake”.  Read the rest of this fascinating story from: > Many Small Stream Make One Big River

SeaFocus is a small player, like a Daphnia water flea, in our global service industry ecosystem. A small company run by entrepreneurs for 14 years already. In difficult times like now, it is time to co-operate and make the small streams make one big river, river of good.

Our way of helping the societies

SeaFocus wants to help other small, SME, big, huge companies and especially those who seek for jobs, summer jobs, trainee or temporary positions. SeaFocus welcomes all companies acting in the maritime, shipbuilding and logistics field, including the shippers and all of these aforementioned companies’ stakeholders to share information about any open vacancies, irrespective if permanent, temporary, traineeship or a summer job. SeaFocus will create a SeaFocus Platform for Job Exchange on our site for finding a job. Just send us a link and we will publish and share the information. This service is 100% complimentary.

From this Platform our Trainees will share the information widely in all our social media channels and in their own channels too.

We want to help the companies and the students, all experts and anyone who might be experiencing lack of work or work force. By following us you will get the information.

Attention companies, please send your links with relevant information to us by email office(a)

Needed information from you in order to be able to publish and share the job announcement

  • Dead line for submission of the application

  • Photo which describes the best your company’s business or that particular job

  • Your company logo

  • Link to the application

  • Contact person’s name and contact details for us related to the link

Apart from the current situation the more the merrier, the more job announcements we can share the more we build trust for the future for all of us.

Even though SeaFocus is using only English language in all communication, we are now making an exception and approve job announcement information in Finnish, Swedish, English or Russian. The official job announcement and the link can be of any language which is spoken officially in Europe or in Russian language.

Small things can make a big impact any time, and not only in the time of global and national crisis.

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SeaFocus in LinkedIn

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