Seeking for Fresh Ideas - C & C Port Agency joins the #IntelligenceHunt4

Have you ever wondered what a port agent does -  but have not dared to ask?

C&C Port Agency Finland is going to join the #IntelligenceHunt4 to increase the knowledge of the university students about the exciting world of port agency business as a potential future work career or an entry port to the work in the shipping industry. By working with the broad minded students with no constraints and the ease of “thinking outside the box” C&C Port Agency Finland is seeking for fresh ideas to redevelop the cruise agency business.

Digitalisation is not the key, it is one of the means, but an important one. What are the other means and what is the real key to meet today’s customer expectations in the advent of new global trends in the maritime sector. These are the questions.

Ship’s Agency Business  – could it be a first entry point of talented students to a flourishing career in shipping or means to show how to make a traditional business very modern? The autumn will tell.

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