Sixth Intelligence Hunt – 10 Days to the Student Registration Commencing

The preparations of the 6th Intelligence Hunt project, a company and student competition, are under way.

Intelligence Hunt attracts talented students from universities all over Europe, professional mentors with long and wide industry and service experience and matches them with the Case Companies to work on real business case assignments.

The project lasts three to four months and culminates in the Finals, where the student teams get to present their solutions.

The negotiations with the potential Case Companies are ongoing. The aim is that once the student registration opens, we would have the majority of the companies, and even some cases ready for students to indicate their preferred company cases when filling in the registration application.

Student Candidate Qualification

The official registration for students will be opened September 1st, 2019 and will finish September 25th, 2019. Be ready!

The candidate qualification and selection process will start September 26th, 2019. The students qualified for the competition will be informed and teams formed by the end of September.

The work on the Company Case Assignment starts October 1st, 2019. The students will agree together within the team on the ways of communicating and working, and also choose a project leader among them, whereas SeaFocus acts as a Project Management Office. The student participating the competition and working on the case assignment will give consent that the IPR of the solution and the report will be f the Case Company’s in question.

Dates for Deliverables

The final reports and jury reports to mentors and companies to comment and review have to be delivered by December 20th, 2019. The executive summaries are to be submitted to the Jury by January 7th.

Finals – Everything Approved and Team Presentations Ready

The competition ends with the Intelligence Hunt Finals, which take place January 22nd, 2020 in Turku, Finland. The Finals is the main conference of the Navigate2020 Maritime Trade Fair. The programme of the Finals consists of student team and case company presentations as well as presentations of high level international inspiring speakers and experienced moderators.

Intelligence Hunt project is a great opportunity for the students

The students will get to work in international cross-faculty teams using modern ways of communication.

They will learn to understand the value chains and business case thinking,

practical training in project management, teamwork and presenting skills.

They will get real live presentation experience in front of a wide audience and gain real business connections and career opportunities.

Save the date and share the information with the students!

This is a great opportunity for the talented young individuals!

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