Sweco Concretizes Port Infrastructure Related Design in a Virtual Environment

Traditionally, the end users of a building have only been able to experience living or working in the building once it is completed. Empirical experience and scientific studies have proven that most of us are unable to understand traditional design documents. Sweco involves the investors and end users of a building or any structure in the early stages of the design process, letting them set requirements for facilities, and presents the designs to the users in an understandable way by means of virtual reality. We build a virtual building that reflects reality before any bricks are laid down. This way, users can comment on the designs and participate in their development.

West Terminal 2 in the Port of Helsinki is one of our references where we used the latest technologies. By building the terminal digitally first saves the client for many collisions and surprises during the real construction phase. We believe that detailed modelling strongly influenced the fact that the construction works at West Terminal 2 were completed before scheduled time and under budget.

Different needs require varied expertise in virtual technology. We are well-versed in all these types of technology, but technology alone cannot solve the challenges involved in building projects. This is why it is important that we at Sweco understand how we can utilise technology as part of design and construction in order to realise our customers’ goals.

Antti Jussila, Sweco Structures Ltd Department Manager

Mobile +358 40 199 0771 antti.jussila@sweco.fi


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Sweco is one of the Companies attending the #IntelligenceHunt4 with a Case.

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