The Finnish Maritime Foundation - Grant 2000€ as an Award at the IntelligenceHunt3 Finals

The Finnish Maritime Foundation, founded in 1945, supports and promotes Finland's shipping and maritime engineering by granting scholarships to persons who conduct academic research or pursue studies in these areas. Maritime economics and maritime law are specially named areas where scholarships are awarded. Scholarships can also be awarded for more extensive research projects.

The Maritime Foundation's scholarships are announced annually for application at the beginning of the year and the application deadline expires at the end of February. Decisions on awarding scholarships are taken by the Foundation Board before the end of April. Annually about 100 applications are received and the Foundations distribute 200 000 euros as grants and additional 25 000 euros for maritime schools for further awarded as scholarships for excellent students. The Foundation has also committed for four years to support industrial maritime graduate school of Aalto university.

SeaFocus with the # Intelligencehunt3 project is very proud and extremely grateful that the Maritime Foundation has decided to grant 2000 € for the 2nd or 3rd best student team in the final 12.6.2018 in Gothenburg.

Please study their  scholarship granting principles and the application process in Finnish or Swedish at .

Photo Credits: ”The Finnish Maritime Foundation”

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