The Power of Trainees

When I got my first job I was 15 years old. Actually it was my father, who helped me to get the job, and even it was just for two weeks, I still feel grateful. That two weeks was very important door opening, as after that I worked several summers for the same company. I was interested in everything and open minded, and thus able to learn a lot.

Experience required

Finding and getting a job after graduation or during the summer periods has become harder and harder.  Not to mention getting a dissertation topic with an assignment from a real company.

As a student, you are expected to have a lot of experience, even though you have just graduated or you are still in the middle of your studies and looking for a work place as a trainee in the business field you are specializing.  

Today good grades are not enough – experience is required. On the other hand, education is highly valued, so why not to encourage and support our future generation, young people who have just finalized their studies?

The experience comes along the work doesn´t it?. They say Learning by doing!

These young international students are eager to try their learnings in the real world and in challenging work places too. All they need is an opportunity to show what they are capable of. And they are!

Introduce your business

Today there are more different ways to support the students, than when I was a student. The amount of graduates was less, and the ways of differentiating oneself from the masses was easier. Today the students need help.

You could take them as part timer, as a trainee for a period, intern, offer a summer job, include in a project, offer a thesis or dissertation topic, you name it.

Introducing your business to a young student and with little guidance to him/her you could get an excellent new asset for your company. Working with bright young people gives you new perspective into your own work.

Encouraging the Students

At SeaFocus we have decided to support the students by offering them Trainee positions within the Intelligence Hunt project, which gives multiple and variable tasks from project management to international expansion strategies and even planning the suitable marketing strategy in a very niche, completely new business and market areas.

We have currently engaged 13 trainees working for and with us. We support their career plans, write recommendation letters, introduce them to companies and help them experience the whole project Intelligence Hunt from the start to the Finals and everything in between. We will even engage them in case sales as they really can tell the importance and the possibilities to gain within the project.

Win-Win situation

It is so amazing to work with these enthusiastic and brilliant young students. They learn from us and we learn from them. We help them to understand the business and the industry and hope to open doors for them to find a real job in this field. We are proud to have them with us and they are proud to work with us.

Use the “Power of Trainees” and open-mindedly give the young students a chance to shine also for your company.

Let us introduce our magnificent project > Trainees who are currently working for Intelligence Hunt editions 5, 6 and 7.

Author: Heli Koukkula-Teixeira, COO, SeaFocus

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