The Trainees are Irreplaceable Force for SeaFocus

We have gained now two years experience of working with Trainees, with young talented and enthusiastic people. We highly recommend this to all of you!

These young people are eager to learn and also you learn along working with them. They are innovative and hard-working, taking the tasks given seriously, whatever the task may be. Our Trainees have been responsible for social media including the Partner Accounts, project management, invoicing, marketing and sales, promotion, partner contacts, communication, mentoring and coaching, moderating and interviews.

The aim is to give these young people an opportunity to work in a real business environment, help them get valuable contacts and coach them in communications and presenting themselves and their ideas.

Usually the Trainees work with us from one to two years and then they are recruited from us to the bigger business world. Sometimes the Trainees are recruited even quicker, and yet they want to stay as SeaFocus Trainees, when already working elsewhere.

SeaFocus is a platform introducing the young talents to the companies. They can become real valuable asset to your successful company and to make it even more successful!

We are really grateful for all our Trainees! You have all been amazing!

Saana Rantanen, Roman Filenko , Elza Ken, Alyona Bolshakova, Yelyzaveta Levytska, Vladimir Syropyatov, Valeriia Poberezhnaya, Ferdous Alam Patwary and Ronit Patel are leaving the SeaFocus Trainee Team for now.

Annabel Keerd, Rodion Pozemetskiy, Hai Anh Nguyen and Ayodele Makinde will continue with us. Jonathan Atwood, Anmol Jadav, Phat Nguyen and Maria Tsyshkovskaya are our newest Trainees.

Let us introduce our > Team of Trainees!

“IntelligenceHunt is a project that taught me how to work in an international team, keep the team spirit, look “out of the box” and pay attention to details. I believe that every student must try himself at least once in the project like that. Believe me after participation you feel way more confident and competitive, which will definitely help in a job search. Even though there’s always one winner in the competitions, as I said on the stage during the IntelligenceHunt6 Finals - in that competition everyone is a winner. Each participant gets something important, which will help in the future. And that is not only about students, but about companies as well. They get new “fresh” ideas as students see cases from a different perspective. Don’t loose opportunities! Challenge yourself as life is way more interesting this way. Stay tuned and register for the next Intelligence Hunt!” - Lisa Levytska

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