Wärtsilä - Holistic Route Ranking for Passenger Transportation and for Intermodal Cargo

Wärtsilä wants to see holistic route ranking for transportation of passengers and for shippers of intermodal cargo based on cost, carbon foot print and time.

As a maritime technology company geared to support industry compliance in the IMO’s aim to reduce GHG emissions with 40% by 2030 per transport work and with 50% of total GHG emissions by 2050 compared to 2008 level, Wärtsilä wants to begin a discussion from the shipper’s perspective.

Wärtsilä operates in multiple locations world-wide  and with software, hardware and asset services used by 1 in 3 vessels the company is seeing a common trend and requirement to improve route selection and offer choice to users. This is relevant to the commuter, holiday maker and the cargo transport companies alike.

So to optimise not only the cost, but also service level and sustainable supply chain management, Wärtsilä wants to launch a case assignment to Intelligence Hunt team Hermes to create a route ranking and comparison application with following criteria: Carbon footprint of transport, cost of the total journey, time from A to B. The aim of the assignment is to give a full picture of logistic chain and working capital management for this shipper, including the CO2 footprint.

Wärtsilä is participating the #IntelligenceHun5 project as a Case Company. The title of their case is Route Ranking Case: Ferry as a Part of Transport Chain. The Student Team "Hermes"with Calvin Kho from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Chia Palkonen from the Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland , Gift Okafor from the Universty of Eastern Finland, Daria Zotina from the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, St. Petersburg, Russia, Hals Morten from the Nord University, Norway and Rajinder Kumar from the World Maritime University, Sweden are working on the Wärtsilä Case.

Photo Credits: Wärtsilä

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