Water Treatment in Terminals of Dry Bulk Ports in Europe - Best Practices

The Port of Kokkola is participating the Intelligence Hunt project for the first time. The topic of their case assignment is "Water Treatment in Termnals of Dry Bulk Ports in Europe - Best Practices". Torbjörn Witting, the CEO of the Port of Kokkola will present the case assignment after which the Student Team KID Kokkola in Dust will present their solution.

Torbjörn Witting has over 20 years experience in working in the port. Since the beginning of 2015 he has acted as the CEO of the Port of Kokkola. Before his appointment as a CEO of the port Mr Witting worked as a Port Manager 2004-2014 and as a Finance and Marketing Manager, Deputy Harbor Manager 1996-2004 at the Port of Kokkola.

He is also the CEO of Silverstone Bay Logistics Oy since 2016. Mr Witting holds many positions of trust. He is the Chairman of the Finnish Port Association, a Board Member of the Port Handling Ab, KIP-Infra Oy and KIP ry (Kokkola Industrial Park).

He graduated 1991 from the Åbo Akademi University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration M.Sc. (Econ.).

The Port of Kokkola is the third largest general port in Finland. Cargo traffic through the port has experienced a powerful growth thanks to development efforts characterized by long term and thorough planning. 

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