Working Life Skills – How to Prepare for Dynamic Working Life and Unknown Future by Higher Education

Arcada University of Applied Sciences is an Academic Partner to SeaFocus, and students from Arcada have participated actively to Intelligence Hunt projects since 2017. Academic partnership and cooperation with the SeaFocus were started in an educational development project of TEKNETIUM at Arcada. During the past years our students have experienced unforgettable moments of sharing and learning within highly professional Intelligence Hunt projects.

In early December 2020 we will publish an article in a book on recent developments in working life pedagogy and thoughts collected from the field of higher education in Finland.

What Kind of Skills Are Needed

In that article (in Finnish by authors M. Andersson & U. Keino), we will describe the experiences from IntelligenceHunt projects and competitions from educational, student and working life need perspectives. In our article, we will also review student competitions in general as learning method, as well as review the possible trends in skills development for dynamic working environment of the unknown future. At times like these we are currently experiencing, the skills of visioning wider become handy. The skills of cooperation and systems thinking are the key elements of flourishing in the rapidly changing, dynamic environment. Co-operational skills should include also understanding the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, as our new professional partner. We should use more systemic thinking to try to analyse the consequences of our choices on the drawing board, at the stage of planning, when there is no available data to give base to our decisions. With every solution to a problem always causes a new problem to arise, somewhere in the same ecosystem.

The World is Transforming Rapidly

The world is rapidly transforming into more digital, which reflects to all disciplines and that is why Arcada has the goal of increasing the number of engineering graduates, as well as to develop new engineering programmes with interdisciplinary and student-centered perspectives. The renewed engineering study programmes are under development to be launched starting from the application period in 2021. The goal is to prepare a new generation of engineers for becoming developers for sustainable future, technologies and life in ever dynamic working environment. The change is here to stay - technological, climate, you name it. We should learn to lead the change, and not to resist it.

Article by Mirja Andersson, Head of Department/Energy and Materials Technology

Arcada University of Applied Sciences

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Arcada University of Applied Sciences is an Academic Partner to SeaFocus.

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