#IntelligenceHunt4 Qualification Test for Student Candidates

You are making a consulting offer to a Company, which is producing a medical equipment of an extremely high-value, with the highest advanced technology in the market. The company is a market leader in Europe and the USA, with its best 5 products, but wants to expand its business to Asia.


Company description: Currently the Company owns its own production, sells its products via specialized retailers and distributors in Europe and the USA, and has no own logistics organization whatsoever, outside the factory. Their internal logistics are managed by their own personnel, who have been in the company for 30 years of average. Loyal and skillful. The offer is to be made to the owner, a visionary CEO who is not afraid of challenging himself or his company personnel. Not to mention the agents.


Your position: You have been recently recruited as a trainee to a consulting company with a very high reputation, and your boss wants you to show if you are capable of identifying the key areas to be investigated for the client in a pre-study, which the consulting company will now offer to the client. You must make a plan without pricing and describe in which role you would see yourself in this project and why.

The limiting factors you need to know are

  • the project will have to commence 1.9.

  • the final report is to be presented to the Company 1.11.

If you are performing well, your boss will take you with him to present the final consulting project report to the Board of Directors 14.11.


In the consulting company you are working as a trainee, there is an exceptionally international team of young professionals available for this key account client project. They are from different study backgrounds. You must choose who you will take on board to work with you, and which areas of work they would be responsible for. Remember, you must be able to trust them.


Once you have made your choice of the following questions, your boss will sketch the offer, finalize the offer and price it.

Remember! There are no right or wrong answers in this Qualification Test. The answers will not be published anywhere and will be destroyed as the allocations to the teams for this project have been done.

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