#IntelligenceHunt6 Project
Congratulations - You have been qualified as a Finalist to the IntelligenceHunt6 Project.

Below you find the Case Companies and the themes which the cases will be about.


Number the Case Companies with your preference order, 1 being most preferred, 10 least.

Give number to each and every one, and use one number only once.


After this do the same to the themes.

Please, also explain your most preferred Case Company and theme choice, i.e. why you would want to put your efforts on this case.


Please answer by September 29th CET 20.00 at the very latest.

Even if you will not wish to choose but want to be a finalist, and let us choose your case fully, please fill in the form.

On Monday 30th we will form the teams paying attention to your wishes, and inform you about the selection, but cannot guarantee that all of you get to work on your number 1. 

The Chairman of the jury wishes to meet at least some members of each team, if not available on skype meetings Oct 2-4. We will coordinate this with you. The following week and week 14-18.10 will be the kick offs with the Case companies and the mentors of your teams.


Good luck! We are very happy of your interest to the project.

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