#SFAEM2020 - 2.9. and 15.9.
Responsible and Resilient Supply Chain - Shippers´ Voices

SeaFocus develops its services and structures annually based on the feedback of our wide and powerful clientele and stakeholders.


2020 will be opening our new decade, but not round numbers for SeaFocus yet. In 2007 when SeaFocus kicked off a vision was created: SeaFocus will be in 20 years time the most desired high level platform for networking in the Maritime Industry and the Annual Executive Meeting will be considered as one of the top maritime events in Europe.


Functional Supply Chain is an asset, which intelligently planned and seamlessly executed, brings incredible value to a shipper and enables competitive growth. 

Monitoring the services and suppliers throughout the chain is required from global companies, in order to ensure responsible, sustainable and transparent flows of goods, information and monetary transactions.

Global political, financial, environmental and health related challenges, and the consumers´ constantly changing purchasing patterns demand companies to prepare their processes to maintain resilient and profitable businesses. Thus our theme for the #SFAEM2020 is "Responsible and Resilient Supply Chain."

Top executives representing shippers or organisation working closely with the shippers and their service suppliers from various industries share their views at the SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting #SFAEM2020, which takes place in Autumn 2020 at the Hotel Kämp, Helsinki.


This year the concept of the #SFAEM2020 is based on a hybrid model of high level speeches and round table workshops with stage presentations after the workshops by the table facilitators.

All speakers and round table facilitators represent the shippers, the customers of the other maritime supply chain stakeholders or institutions working closely with certain industry and the logistics service providers.

The morning session starts with top level executives speaking about different areas of the theme. Those speeches all prepare a good and solid discussion basis for the round table discussions, presentations and summarising the results on stage.

Each round table will have a specific theme, to which the registered participants will be given some background material before the meeting, to study. The facilitator of the round table will be announced in advance.

In registrations the participants may desire to participate a specific topic roundtable, but SeaFocus will at the end of the day define together with the facilitator how the participants are divided to discuss on each theme.


We aim to get onboard keynote speakers and round table executive level facilitators to discuss with or about the “shippers’ voices” from the following industries.

  • Forest industry

  • Automotive

  • Machinery

  • Electronics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • FMCG with a specific focus to cold chain

  • Energy

  • Shipbuilding

Each speaker is asked to write a short blog of the theme close to their heart, or provide us a blog from the company or someone who best represent the theme they wish to talk about. The keynote speakers and round table executive level facilitators will all be presented one by one on this site.

We are working towards this vision and see clearly the development of our concepts enabling us to believe in to this vision even more than in the beginning. We have now seven years to prove we were right.

Our two brands, the Intelligence Hunt 1-2 /annum and SFAEM SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting once a year make our work very interesting and widens our scope – yet taking into account the executive level business targets, and the next generation possibilities to bring something new to the discussion.


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The number of seats is limited, and they are sold in the order of registration. Strategic and corporate partners’ quotas are reserved to them and their shipper customers.

SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting  (#SFAEM) is a closed high profile and high substance meeting for maritime executives and their stakeholders. The top level industry professionals and representatives share their views around the theme of each year, as business owners, clients, or other stakeholders. 

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