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The Finnish Shipowners’ Association is a trade association with an interest in the Shipping Industry and its Labor Market policies.


The Association’s most important purpose is to promote general and common benefits within the Shipping Industry and especially monitor the membership interests in the field of Labor Relations, in national and international arenas.

The Association works on behalf of the Shipping Industry in order to improve and create new methods of competitiveness. The Association also represents the demands and benefits of the members in the field of political and various authorities. By doing this, the Association will improve the reputation and credibility of the Shipping Industry in social and Governmental affairs.

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The Finnish Shipowners’ Association is a trade association with an interest in industrial and labour market policies. Its members include 27 Finnish shipping companies and 101 ships. Our offices are located in Helsinki and Mariehamn.

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association works closely with the membership regarding the Labor related issues, at many different levels, including the terms of the labor agreements between the Employers and Employees, and creating good relationships between the negotiating parties. The Association will support the membership during the labor related actions.


In addition, The Finnish Shipowner’s Association is very involved with the recruiting processes within the Shipping Industry.

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