Shipping - a Must, but Currently Sailing in Fog and Rocky Waters
Blog: Christer Antson, Advisory Board Member, Finance & Investments, SeaFocus®
Published 10.11.2015

Transport, and shipping in particular, is a necessity for international trade. It sometimes looks strange, from an accountant’s point of view that the industry is performing as poorly as it is, with very low margins - if any - and with bad profitability.
Shipping is a very capital-intensive industry and needs sources of financing to develop and survive. This is a fact! The more strict rules for traditional finance institutions are set, the more difficult financing of new builds and operations gets. The business constantly gets increasingly difficult.
Shipping, international trade and economics are married to each other, like it or not. Shipping industry is very vulnerable for outside impulses, and thus very volatile.
The unwillingness of customers and other parties to make long commitments makes the working environment in this industry even more challenging.

Adding to this the current political and environmental issues the everyday business conditions get even tougher. Looking to the back mirror with even self-criticism might be healthy, but the resources must be used now to win the challenges. We cannot afford reacting only when forced to, but instead we need very proactive approach, which will help the industry overcome the current challenges.
Having said this shipping is and will be, an industry of most importance. Therefore it is time to look out of the box - cargo hold - and seek for innovations, new ideas, best practices, ways to improve efficiency and profitability. Finding solutions rather than focusing on problems is important. So look ahead!
A platform, where critical issues of the Maritime Industry can be openly put on the table, will help to improve the related businesses and is one of the means together with networking to achieve this.

I am very pleased that SeaFocus is making a reincarnation with a new and refreshing approach. The concept of being a platform for idea swopping to all players in shipping and shipping related industries is most welcome.
By changing views and opinions the wide range of Leaders in the Maritime Industries can only benefit, and instead of being envious of the competitor, everyone has the opportunity to find new ideas that could benefit their own business and the industry as a whole.
Being a concept of continuous idea flow will also enable SeaFocus to be right on top of current and burning issues.
I am very enthusiastic to be on board SeaFocus.

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