Stefan Van Doorslaer, General Director CIS & Baltic's at Ahlers / Global Director Projects & Machinery, Russian Federation

Stefan Van Doorslaer has a university background in engineering and business administration, as well as the MBA. He spent his career in the sphere of logistics, and being Belgian living in the logistic center of Europe did not stop him from working in Italy, Spain and Russia. Today he successfully combines the function of a General Director Ahlers CIS & The Baltic States, Ahlers Global Director Projects & Machinery division with the position of a Chairman of the Executive Committee of St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA).


Mr Van Doorslaer started his career for the Belgian Logistic Group KatoenNatie. After 2 years he decide to internationalize his career and made the choice to work for the UK based company Christian Salvesen. He was responsible for the start-up of a full-automated warehouse in Milan, a semi-automated warehouse in Barcelona and the design and start-up of warehouses in Madrid and Valencia.


In 2002, after 2,5 years of business travelling, Mr Van Doorslaer joined the Japanese group Komatsu. With Komatsu headquarters for spare parts located in Brussels, he was appointed a Logistics Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa taking care of warehousing, customer service, distribution, etc.


In 2006 Mr Van Doorslaer joined Ahlers as a Branch Director of their state-of the-art warehouse in Ghent, Belgium, where Ahlers stores, handles and distributes specialty chemicals goods. In 2008 he moved to Russia to become a General Director of Ahlers in Russia where by that moment the company had been operating since 1992.


Since 2011 Mr Van Dorslaer has been responsible for all operations and offices of Ahlers in CIS and The Baltic States. Lately he has been focusing on developing of the company as an innovative logistics solutions provider. In the last couple of years, Ahlers Russia launched several new products on the Russian market which enlarges its traditional range of logistic services, becoming a product designer and a system integrator. Over the period he is in charge of Russia, turnover has been multiplied by 10, and Ahlers CIS & The Baltic States has been transformed to the group’s best performer, as well as on quality and innovation as on profits. Since 2017 he took over the responsibility of the division Projects & Machinery on a global base, refocused the service offering and brought results back in line with, and above market standards.


Mr Van Doorslaer is since 2009 the member and since 2010 the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA). For him it’s an honor to be able to bring people and knowledge together in a great and pleasant atmosphere.




AHLERS is a global provider of logistic, maritime and shipping services. The headquarters is located in Port of Antwerp, Belgium. Network of offices is distributed in 20 countries of Asia, CIS, Europe and Africa, with a total staff of over 1000 people. The company owns and manages a large number of warehouses around the world handling a wide range of products for various customers. The company has recently expanded further its product portfolio with related hard and software solutions.

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JSC AHLERS RUS has been operating in the Russian market for over 23 years. The company has offices in St Petersburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk and Novorossiysk. The company owns the warehouse complex in the Leningrad region (70.000 pallet places) and possesses the unique expertise in contract logistics, supply chain management and realization of complex international logistic projects. Ahlers has also been a licensed customs broker since 1997. Ahlers is offering besides logistics also IT solutions, facilitates trading and provides cargo security solutions.

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The St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA) is a non-profit, independent organization which unites foreign and Russian companies that share SPIBA's views and principles.

The St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA) is here to be a strong voice of business in the North-West region of Russia and to facilitate business development for its members. SPIBA's strategy is to provide a platform for
     •      The exchange of information and knowledge
     •      Open dialogue and collaboration with the authorities
     •      Networking
All in a friendly and informal atmosphere

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