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Janne Suominen, MacGregor Finland


Thank you for the well organized event. IntelligenceHunt is an excellent way of introducing maritime industry problems and young talents and thus mitigating the gap to receive new people to our industry. We are for sure have follow-up meeting regarding our student team results.


Case Assignment "Quantifiable Environmental Benefits of MacGregor Solutions". 

Frank Kho, Kho Management BV


This IH platform is a great initiative to link motivated, young, fresh thinking, bright young people from the academic world with established maritime companies. The synergy creates new contacts, new ideas, new dynamics. And both sides benefit and learn a lot from this experience. For myself, now as an independent advisor after 30 years in the maritime corporate world, the Intelligent Hunt has also this 2-sided dynamics. I might be able to contribute by sharing my experiences and by mentoring and coaching the students. But I certainly experience and learn from the different mind-set and ideas from the projects and students. It is refreshing to step out of your own path and join the journey of the new generation and hopefully be able to bring this 2 routes together. Life is a continuous learning opportunity.

I certainly will join the next Intelligent Hunt!

Manuel Kronseder, Valmet Technologies


"How to get to know companies and their representatives in Finland?" was the question I was asking myself in early 2017. By chance I saw the advertisement about the Intelligence Hunt, which was back then actually the pilot of a series of hunts.

I thought: ”Why don’t I give it a try”. In the end it turned out that I will be even more attached to this series than I thought.

The whole concept of dealing with real business problems of companies and approach them from different angles together with a team convinced me to join also the second Intelligent Hunt. I got to know so much about topics which I have not studied before and I have met so many nice people. Nevertheless, the highlight was being a part of the jury in Intelligence Hunt 3. Evaluating the students’ work was a challenging experience but broadened my horizon in so many different ways. Let’s see what the next Intelligence Hunts will bring. SeaFocus team, thanks for everything and hopefully see you soon.

Dr. Eyden Samunderu ISM GmbH


SeaFocus has been able to provide students and practitioners with a viable platform to both network and find common grounds to collaborate on scientific research related topics related to the maritime industry. I had the opportunity to engage in conducting research with  some of the students who took part in the intelligent hunt competition. Since the research investigation is still work in progress, the students from the DFDS have been able to equip and sharpen their scientific research skills set by working with me and I see this as a massive boost for them to go on the scientific research ladder. Since, the research paper embodies both scientific and practical angles of analysis, this has helped the students to find the synthesis between academia and the real business world. The engagement has been extremely positive and their contribution is valuable too and I hope the next Intelligent Hunt competition, I can capture some synergies to collaborate with some of these students.

Blasco Majorana, Finnlines Plc


An inspiring environment where the connection with the academic world is enhanced by exploring new ideas and solutions with a friendly and constructive attitude. Intelligence Hunt is the perfect stage for brainstorming real problems and bringing concrete contributions to the shipping industry. By taking part in the last phase of the #IntelligenceHunt3, I have been inspired and surprised by the amount of new ideas and productive approaches the different teams have brought to the table. The enrichment of the cluster was tangible and I am already looking forward to hearing what the next edition will bring.

Sakari Kaseva, Euroports Finland


IntelligenceHunt3 was great event to meet and see talented people working with many different issues, finding out-of-box solutions and new ways of thinking. Together we are able to make things excellent. It’s interesting to see what IntelligenceHunt4 will bring on-board.

Philip Tipping, MacGregor Sweden AB


I have had the privilege to take part in #IntelligenceHunt2 & 3. Working with the student teams have been stimulating with new fresh ideas and the possibilities they bring.

The cases we have shared have been challenging to say the least but the standard of solutions presented have been top class with definite business opportunities.

These have been well-organized events giving us a chance to meet the future prospects in the shipping industry.

Leena Vedenpää, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard


​Arctech has had the opportunity to offer a case to already two Intelligence Hunts. All our student teams have shown great interest on the case and on Arctech as a company, and have focused on giving us their best solutions. We must also thank SeaFocus for giving us and the teams their best support during the hunts!

Håkan Fagerström, Tallink Grupp


​Far too many people tend to focus on the problem, not the solution and further more strangle to focus on the problem within their own area of expertise. We think that to overcome specific problems, fresh thinking and thinking out of the box is required. As an Intelligence Hunt event partner, Tallink Silja want to share the good experience of open brainstorming events and is looking forward to interesting discussions, innovative solutions and ideas for all parties involved in this event.

Jukka Kuuskoski, Norsepower Ltd


​The Intelligence Hunt event was an interesting opportunity to meet with professionals from various companies and hear the cases which they challenged the students with. It was also exciting to see how well the students worked in teams of people previously unknown to each other to solve everyday issues of the business world.

Markku Miinala, Deltamarin Ltd

DIRECTOR, Sales & Marketing

Intelligence Hunt was a nicely organized event. We are really proud of our challenge team, Anna and Joonas, for their enthusiastic and professional attitude. The result of their work exceeded all our expectations, and the presentation of the results of their work was especially high quality. Deltamarin will be able to utilize the results of the work in future projects and thus improve the value added to our customers.

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