Company Testimonials

Frank Kho, Kho Management BV


Inspiring Speaker #IntelligenceHunt2, Jury Member #IntelligenceHunt3, Mentor #IntelligenceHunt5 

This IH platform is a great initiative to link motivated, young, fresh thinking, bright young people from the academic world with established maritime companies. The synergy creates new contacts, new ideas, new dynamics. And both sides benefit and learn a lot from this experience. For myself, now as an independent advisor after 30 years in the maritime corporate world, the Intelligent Hunt has also this 2-sided dynamics. I might be able to contribute by sharing my experiences and by mentoring and coaching the students. But I certainly experience and learn from the different mind-set and ideas from the projects and students. It is refreshing to step out of your own path and join the journey of the new generation and hopefully be able to bring this 2 routes together. Life is a continuous learning opportunity.

I certainly will join the next Intelligent Hunt!

Student Testimonials

Haianh Nguyen, #IntelligenceHunt 2,4 and 5

International Business, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland

“Every journey begins with the first step. Intelligence Hunt has been a door opener for all my journeys. 

I have had a privilege to work in many positions within SeaFocus; competitor, mentor and trainee. All these positions have given me a diversity aspect of how the world, outside of the schools runs. As a competitor, I learnt how to cooperate with the team, get things done and being consistent with my commitment. As a mentor, I know how to guide and support other people. As a trainee, my business sense has grown and my skills has increased up to professional level.

All in all, thank you so much for a super awesome experience. So if you want to grow then be active and be part of Intelligence Hunt and SeaFocus.“