Student Testimonials

Ayodele Makinde, #IntelligenceHunt 4 

Masters Degree, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu

It all started with a piece of information, which lead to an amazing experience. The moment I was grouped with a team of five international students, and given a beauty product to sell, I knew it was going to be a beautiful challenge. I participated in IntelligenceHunt4 and won the competition with my team. We designed a “Market Entry Strategy” into the Russian market, for a Swedish beauty product own by Ex-miss Universe 1983, Yvonne Ryding. That was just the beginning…

To me, IntelligenceHunt is more than just a ‘student and company’ competition, but a real business event with effective networking power. The maritime industry was new to me; however, money cannot buy what this platform has exposed me to. I have learnt so much within a short period and that is why students should jump on this platform. Since November 2018, I have moved from a student participant to a sales and marketing trainee, live-event interviewer in Oslo, mentor, moderator, better presenter and newly appointed ‘Marketing Lead’ role at SeaFocus. I am passionate about how products and services are well branded, marketed and distributed to the end-users, through clear-cut techniques. This role has improved my B2B, B2C and B2G passion in business marketing communication. Now, I can look at my profile inwardly and outwardly, and smile more, with new motivation.

IntelligenceHunt is the future of Maritime talent pool. Watch out!!!" 

Haianh Nguyen, #IntelligenceHunt 2, 4 and 5

Bachelor, International Business, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Every journey begins with the first step. Intelligence Hunt has been a door opener for all my journeys. 

I have had a privilege to work in many positions within SeaFocus; competitor, mentor and trainee. All these positions have given me a diversity aspect of how the world, outside of the schools runs. As a competitor, I learnt how to cooperate with the team, get things done and being consistent with my commitment. As a mentor, I know how to guide and support other people. As a trainee, my business sense has grown and my skills has increased up to professional level.

All in all, thank you so much for a super awesome experience. So if you want to grow then be active and be part of Intelligence Hunt and SeaFocus.

Taoufik Boumgard, #IntelligenceHunt 4 and 5

MSc in Shipping Management & Logistics, World Maritime University, Sweden

It was my first time I joined the Intelligence Hunt 4 finals. Before the finals, personally, I had a chance to work with students from different background and countries on an interesting topic of nowadays which is ‘’Smart ports for smart ships’’, a case competition supervised by Wärtsilä, a global leader in smart technologies. In fact, I certainly experienced and learned a lot from the group discussions with my team and our supervisors in the case competition especially about problem-solving skills. Moreover, I got to know about other topics during the presentation of the other teams and networking with so many interesting people.

As my experience has been extremely positive, I am going certainly to join the next Intelligent Hunt in June 2019!

Vladimir Syropyatov, #IntelligenceHunt 3 and 4

Bachelor, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, Russia

Through this competition i understood what the real teamwork means. In past i did most of work by myself but after intelligence hunt i see that in team is possible to reach much bigger results than by individual work. This event also showed that if people from different countries will work together in one direction they can solve any problem.Intelligence hunt is not just a competition. It's opportunity to not just show your own skills but to develop yourself through international experience exchange.

Ali Abdellaoui, #IntelligenceHunt 3 and 5

Graduated, University of Strathclyde, Scotland

The Intelligence Hunt project is a unique way for student to learn skills that are not taught at university, learn to design own's project by working on a real case, defeating the technical issues but also convince the audience, and prospect clients of the product/solution, which involve a number of skills such as innovation, critical thinking and the ability to present it in a convective way.

besides of that, it is a rare chance to work with student from all over the world, and 

collaborate and tie connections with business leaders.

Ronit Patel, #IntelligenceHunt 3, 4 and 5

Student, International School of Management, Germany

The concept of Intelligent hunt is wonderful and its a great platform where students can solve real case problem faced by the shipping industry. Moreover, its a good networking platform especially for students who are looking out to start their career in shipping industry. While participating i realized that problems can also be solved without having physical presence and teams could be formed from any part of the world. This makes intelligent hunt an unique competition. 

Big thanks to SeaFocus for guiding us continuously throughout the project and creating opportunity for students to express their skills and knowledge.

Svea Clausen, #IntelligenceHunt 2, 3 and 5

Student, Hochschule Bremen, University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Last year I participated in the #IH2 in Helsinki. The whole concept of the Intelligence Hunt is really unique and an exclusive possibility for students to get in contact with the shipping industry. What I really liked about it was the very practical approach and the fact that I was working on a real case with actual background material which covered a current issue. To work close together with the case company and exchange ideas with them was really inspiring.

I joined the #IntelligenceHunt3 this years as well, because I think that this unique project is something a maritime engaged student should´t miss. It is a unique opportunity to work together with students from different countries and different backgrounds and learn that all this diverse input together makes the final result outstanding!

Elza Ken, #IntelligenceHunt 2 and 3

Bachelor, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland

I've been lucky enough to become one of the finalists in the Intelligence Hunt 2. I didn't hesitate to apply, even though my knowledge in the maritime industry, in particular, was limited, but as the international business student.

Half a year later I approached the SeaFocus management and got a practical training as an Executive Assistant Trainee. I feel proud to work side by side with such brilliant minds, the ones who helped the shipping industry to find the important missing puzzle piece, which is the Intelligence Hunt. It is more than just a project allowing to "show off" your skills, it crashes that invisible wall between generations and erases the distance between top-leading experts and future potential workforce. Knowledge exchange, networking, research, real-life deadlines pressure, ability to experience what it is like to have a multicultural team, gaining problem-solving skills, all of these are ground-basing, but at the same time key elements for your future career growth and self-development. 

My sincere appreciation to the SeaFocus management for your passion and dedication you put into what you're doing.

Thanh Nguyen, #IntelligenceHunt4

Bachelor, International Business, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland

The concept of the competition as well as the implementation was nothing like any case competition that I had participated in, as it addressed the 2 very core issues of many of university students: lack of real-life problems solving and lack of connections to corporations. The 2 problems forms a negative feedback loop that has trapped many graduates into unemployment, or worse, into loss of vision for their future career. I for once experienced this negative loop, but was fortunate enough to have found Intelligence Hunt, where I was given the chance to work, to think, to experience, and to connect. As a result, not only did I walked away from the competition slightly more skilled than I would have been but also with a wonderful experience, new connections, a new internship opportunity and most importantly: new friendships. Thus, as a competitor in Intelligence Hunt 4, I wholeheartedly recommend joining the Intelligence Hunt challenge to not only students but anyone looking for opportunities to advance further in their professional life.

Annabel Keerd, #IntelligenceHunt3

Bachelor, Estonian Maritime Academy, Estonia

Intelligence Hunt 3 was my first case competition. That was very well organized and perfect event for gaining knowledge about maritime industry. It started with two months full of work with our case and ended with one magnificent day. Through all that time we never felt lack of information nor support. The topic was Industrial Internet of Things and Sustainable Shipping. On the reason that I´m studying port and shipping management, it was an ideal opportunity for me to get to know several successful shipping companies and hear about new solutions in shipping industry.

We learned to work in groups with different people with different backgrounds and cultures which is very important part of our future. Furthermore, we had a chance to listen to inspiring and encouraging people.

I have no words to describe how thankful I am to SeaFocus, all the organizers and my wonderful team for this opportunity.

Anton Semenov, #IntelligenceHunt3 

Bachelor, Transport Management, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, Russia

At the beginning I hesitated about participation at the #IntelligenceHunt3 project. There seemed to be too many tasks for me at the university. However, something made me to agree. And now I don’t regret any minute I spend working on the project. 

SeaFocus provides a great opportunity for students to test their skills and knowledge in solving particular problems. At the same time, the project is a unique experience to learn something new: new subjects, new people, new ways of cooperation. One of the most challenging task isn’t concerned with company case but with building a well-organized and efficient team with people whom you didn’t know before. That is something one can learn only through life experience. 

But what I liked most at the #IntelligenceHunt3 is that there was a friendly atmosphere during the whole project and at the final. That makes you feel more confident in spite of all the difficulties.

Yelyzaveta Levytska, #IntelligenceHunt3

Student, Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine

Intelligence Hunt is a competition that helps young people demonstrate their abilities. During this competition, I learned a lot. 

Firstly, Intelligence Hunt teaches you how to cooperate with different people, which is extremely important for our future.

Secondly, the competition gives you the opportunity to meet professionals who both motivate, coordinate and guide you. I am in the team of Andreas Slotte, the Port of Helsinki traffic manager and I feel grateful for the chance to work with him!

Thirdly, the case that we were given is connected to the real world. That makes us not only use what we have learned in university but also strengthens our understanding of it. Working on real world projects and something so connected and applicable to what we aim on doing in the future is so much more interesting and exciting than simply reading from a book.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to SeaFocus for the work and for the organization of Intelligence Hunt. Thank you for creating such an opportunity for young people to express themselves and demonstrate their abilities!

Vasilis Mitropoulus, #IntelligenceHunt3

Student, University of Strathclyde, Scotland

​I would like to thank you for the chance to participate in the IntelligenceHunt project.

At the beginning when we received the topic, I become so anxious because everything seemed so complicated. After that, I saw three names, and I met three faces on Skype, and the work began.

Everybody had a different concept, mindset and thinking and it was interesting to see how each of us thought the task should be solved.

I enjoyed the collaboration with my team members, and I learned a lot from them, about their problem-solving methodology and way of thinking.

May it sound strange, but I learned a lot also about myself, how flexible am I with my ideas and how I can collaborate and reason purely in an online environment. It was an absolutely nice experience, which will be useful in the future. I had never heard about the IoT before and honestly I enjoyed to extend my knowledge on this topic through the research.

Vaklin Angelov, #IntelligenceHunt3

Bachelor, Industrial Management, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland

It wasn’t so long time ago when I have read Peter Drucker’s famous quote ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’. I have to admit that it was hard for me to understand how this could apply in practice until I attended the finals of Intelligence Hunt in Gothenburg. 

Intelligence Hunt gave us not only the opportunity to challenge ourselves in solving a real-life business case but also, we had the chance to work together and share experience with today’s leaders in maritime industry. Our participation from the very beginning to the finals was an extraordinary and exciting journey.

Therefore, I would like to thank you once again for making Intelligence Hunt happen!

Hugo Ferraz de Albuquerque, #IntelligenceHunt1

Bachelor, Naval Engineering

I participated the first pilot project of Intelligence Hunt. Despite having had already major professional experience within the shipping industry, as a Vessel Operator and Asset Integrity manager. I found the day full of learning combined with lots of awesome network.

As a bit more senior than the other students I decided to be active towards the management of SeaFocus and explain my current work situation. Half a year later I got a trainee position as an assistant of the SeaFocus CEO, with special focus on market analysis and sales. I can proudly say the concept of Intelligence Hunt is not only a competition which motives students to show their abilities but also a door opener to a world of great opportunities. As an example, I was immediately after starting my traineeship offered by the CEO to make an extensive market analysis for her for a basis of business case of a potential new shipping line overseas. I had one week time to find the necessary data and analyze it to her. This was a great experience and an amazing intelligence challenge – a kind of a brain teaser. I am really thankful for this overwhelming experience. More good winds for our joint sails with M/S SeaFocus are yet to come.

Elena Lundaeva, #IntelligenceHunt1

Student, Metropolia Business School, Finland

​Amazing day full of networking and learning! Lots of positive memories, friends and great connections made.Your support of young talent and all the effort you put into creating networking opportunities for others is truly appreciated!

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