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Annabel Keerd

Social Media Responsible, Twitter and LinkedIN, Estonia

Annabel Keerd is a last year student at Estonian Maritime Academy of Tallinn University of Technology port and shipping management. Annabel has had different internships and work experiences in maritime sector and now she’s an intern at Estonian Maritime Administration. 

She has been an active member of Student Council of Estonian Maritime Academy since 2016 and its board member (education and social affairs and event management) in 2017. 

Annabel studied nautical studies as an exchange student for a semester in 2018 (Jan-June) at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Haugesund.

She has participated The Tall Ships Races three times, in 2017-2019. First two years she sailed a sailing yacht which achieved first place in class D. The sailing regatta´s aim is to help develop and educate young people through sail training, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background.

Last year she had a phenomenal opportunity to take part of a scientific expedition in celebration of 200 years of the discovery of the Antarctica. The expedition aims to bring up the importance of international cooperation in scientific discoveries and draw attention to today’s challenges arising from climate change. Besides that, she has taken part of local regattas in Estonia. 

Annabel believes in willpower and in effectiveness of collaboration and innovative technologies.

Her motto is “Create more opportunities than you find”.

Ayodele Makinde

Marketing Lead, University Promotion

Ayodele Makinde is a sales and marketing professional with 7 years of experience in brand management, advertising, media communication, marketing, corporate strategies and business development. 

He is highly passionate about how products and services are well-branded, promoted and supplied to the end users, through clear-cut techniques.

Even though his academic background cuts across the departments of sciences, with a masters degree in Biology of Environmental Change, he has been able to merge his industry experiences through business sustainability with the science sector.

He believes that “to whom much is given, much is expected.

Phat Nguyen

Social Media Responsible, Facebook 

Phat Nguyen is one of the Finalists of the Intelligence Hunt 6, in which, he and his teammates won the “Recognition Award” by the Ship Owner Foundation in Finland.

He is now pursuing Master's program in Global Innovation Management at University of Turku with the focal points in International Business Strategy and Innovation Management.

The yearning to become an expert in Supply Chain Management has motivated him to be eager to work and learn in this field and related sectors, such as Procurement, Logistics and Shipping for nearly five years. He will continue to build this career path with the spirit “keep learning and work hard”

Anmol Jadav

Project Management

Following a Masters in Technical Ship Management from Scotland, Anmol has participated in the Intelligent Hunt 6 as a finalist. He has successfully completed his marine internships in P.R.China, India and UK. During his Masters studies, Anmol has actively volunteered to endorse Scottish Government’s flagship programme ‘Scotland Is Now’ in the capacity of Saltire Scholar of Scotland.

Owing to a multi-disciplinary academic profile encompassing Electronics and ship management, his areas of interest and work include: Smart Ships, Sea Transport and Economics, Vessel Broadband Technologies and Oceans Governance. Most of his studies were aimed at understanding of the compliance of the upcoming autonomous vessels with the international maritime conventions and the UNCLOS.
Anmol´s motto is ‘Be consistent, maintain highest standards and work for a larger purpose’.

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