Ulla Tapaninen, Adjunct Professor PhD, Senior Specialist, Port and Cross-Border Transport Development Projects, the City of Helsinki

Ulla Tapaninen, Adjunct Professor PhD, has over 25 years’ experience in logistics and maritime transport research and development work. She received her PhD  in 1997 in logistics modelling.


She has worked for ten years as a  development manager and environmental manager in a large Finnish  roro-shipping company Finnlines Plc. Between 2006 – 2012 she worked as a professor of maritime logistics in the University of Turku specializing in maritime and port operations and their IT; and maritime safety.


Currently she works as Senior Specialist for City of Helsinki in port and cross-border transport development projects.  She is also in charge of Helsinki City maritime cluster programme, focusing on the city’s unique arctic and smart marine industry.
Dr. Tapaninen has published dozens of academic and professional publications and she is a frequent speaker in seminars. She has worked as a  researcher, project director and board member in dozens of projects in  the areas of maritime and cross-border transportation, logistics information handling and maritime safety and environment.


She is a board member of ESL Shipping since 2012 and a chairman of the board of Finnish LogisticsForum that nominates every year the most distinguished persons and academic works in the area of  logistics in Finland. ESL Shipping has ordered world first LNG-fueled ice-strengthened bulk carriers in 2015.


In 2013 Dr. Tapaninen published a Finnish textbook Maritime Logistics presenting the fundamentals of maritime business.

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