The idea of the workshops is to diminish the amount of intelligence and knowledge waste. In all of the companies and also in different industries the same issues are tackled by hundreds of people. Business intelligence is wasted to double work in many places and sometimes the information between different silos in one company is even making loss of profit or resulting to major financial problems. Seafocus wants to encourage the partners  and the maritime stakeholders to learn from each other and openly discuss the common challenges also with other industries like customers and suppliers, and even other logistics industries without a common clientele. SeaFocus will control the ethics and see that the workshops do not result into any conflicts between competitors or any unethical or unacceptable business development activities.

The workshop themes can be tailored based on our partners’ needs, here some themes which SeaFocus thinks are important to the industry. The other not-opened themes are as examples for our partners to think and return to. Once we will start working on those, the definition will be shared in the platform.


The participants are not consultants, except in cases where all the other participants consider not possessing enough knowledge of some detail in the workshop team. In this case SeaFocus will find the best specialist from the market to assist the team. Otherwise the team is formed by identifying the best specialist of each company participating to tackle the issue and to make a joint action plan.


The SeaFocus strategic partners will get all information from all the workshops, whereas the corporate partners may participate and get the knowledge on site. Customers are invited based on the partners’ assignment.


  • Vendor Management

  • Key Account Management

  • Irregularities Management

  • Environmental Upcoming Regulations Ancillary Revenues

  • Digitalisation vs Personal Customer Service
  • Outsourcing, Integration, Consolidation, Blockchain – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Project and Investment Financing

  • Leadership in Change
  • Geopolitical Risks and Opportunities
  • Education and Future Maritime Brains

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