Mrs Yvonne Ryding

In the early 1980s, Yvonne Ryding´s focus was to become an aesthetician nurse or midwife. During her education, Yvonne had the privilege of working with old and sick, which gave her an insight into the dark and bright sides of life, though she was still so young.


In her spare time Yvonne spent most of the sports and especially soccer. 1983 became the year that changed her life forever. Then she was chosen for Sweden's Lucia. At the same time, she also got the opportunity to try out modeling. Testing the photo-style streak in contrast to her work with old and sick gave her a balanced experience, something that she could take with her in her continuing career.

That fate would be anything but what Yvonne had imagined, she soon became aware. In 1984, she was persuaded to stand up in the Miss Sweden Competition, a competition that Yvonne won, why she represented Sweden in the Miss Universe Contest that was the year in Miami, Florida. To her big shock and surprise, she also won this competition.

Her life was completely changed from one day to the next. One year followed by international travel, and acting as ambassador for women, being a spokesperson for a number of well-known brands as well as being active in charity work. When her year was over as Miss Universe 1984, she stayed for another 3 years in New York, to continue some collaboration. In 1988 Yvonne moved home to Sweden again, married and had two children. For some years, she did lot of TV, worked as a spokesperson, lecturer and consultant. Work that she is still doing from time to time.

  • In 95, she took her secret dream of creating a completely new Swedish, natural skin care series. YR skin care series is based.

  • In 97 she introduced it to the Swedish market, since then it has been in different costumes but always the same qualities. Naturally based, active ingredients of natural origin and Swedish made.

  • In 18, YR Skin Care celebrated 21 years on the market, with 23 years of work.



The main business of the company is skin care, but Yvonne Ryding has a certain personal appearance as a spokeswoman in terms of clothes, but also television engagement, lecturer, etc.


The company has a number of different sales channels in Sweden, such as tax-free, web shops, pharmacy channels, beauty salons and perfumeries.


YR Skin Care is also available in Norway and a small part in Finland.


During the years, YR Yvonne has tried very carefully some international markets, but unfortunately had the misfortune with wrong partners.


The biggest channel for cosmetics in Sweden today, is pharmacies. YR Is represented in three of Sweden’s biggest and most important pharmacy chains Apotek Hjärtat, Apoteket AB and Apotea . Apotea is the biggest within the selling in E-commerce in Sweden.


YR has their own web shop. They were early starters in 2001. It has been very interesting to follow the industry, and in the last three years Yvonne has seen the business getting more and more important and are growing for each year. They have had about 20 000 SKU in sales during this past three years, only in the web shop.


The company YR is owned by Yvonne Ryding (55%), and her business partner Marilyn Bellman (45%). Mrs. Bellman became co-partner in 2017, when the company did some major reorganization. 

Today, true storytelling is very important to brands, and images. YR has a story, and a true one! This story we want to continue, and bring YR to the global markets. From Sweden to East!

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